Web Design Project for Property Company, Parker Eckersley

Lead generation was a key requirement throughout the planning and implementation of this project.

Property Web Design project for Parker Eckersley in Manchester.


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The Client & Project Brief

Parker Eckersley is Manchester’s property investment specialist. They source properties for investors in the Greater Manchester area. Their expert services help clients to grow their property portfolio while also maximising the returns on current properties.

Our brief was to build a website that resonated with property investors. The site had to display detailed information about the process in an easy-to-understand format without appearing too busy. Due to the nature of the industry, the new website had to be built with lead generation in mind. 

Responsive Web Design for Parker Eckersley


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Heading Font

Playfair Display




Body Font

DM Sans




The Challenge

There was a distinct set of challenges associated with this project. The property investment market is notoriously jargon-filled and difficult to understand. This meant the new site should be easy to navigate with content displayed clearly and broken down into manageable subsections. 

The new website was required to give a sense of trust and experience which are key traits of Parker Eckersley. This was important when planning how the site would convert. Users would be reluctant to declare their interest if they did not feel safe and at ease in doing so. 

When considering lead generation, it was important to explore and implement measures to ensure that leads captured by the website were pre-qualified automatically.

Web Development Project in Manchester. Parker Eckersley

The Solution

We delivered a website solution that achieved and exceeded Parker Eckersley’s key requirements for the project. Through custom design, we created pages that have personality, and deliver the client’s content in the best way possible. 

Parker Eckersley’s brand traits were built into the fabric of the website through handpicked brand colours and carefully considered heading and body fonts. This matched with a professional but friendly tone helps to build a rapport with the desired audience.

Eye-catching and interactive call-to-action buttons were placed throughout the website to convert as many visitors as possible into leads. The lead forms feature custom questions to pre-qualify new leads before they reach the client. We also created downloadable guides that capture user contact data for Parker Eckersley to follow up directly. 

The website was built to be responsive on all devices and once launched we continued to work with Parker Eckersley through our Website hosting and Maintenance package. 

Client Feedback

“What a great company!

Aspire built a website and landing page for my business, as well as my designing my company logo. They also manage my adverts.

They have allowed me to get on with other tasks within my business meaning I can generate more revenue.

Any questions and queries I have are responded to in great time. I would give aspire my highest recommendation and will be continuing to use them for the future!”

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