Statement: Our Response to Conflict in Ukraine

We have been shocked and concerned by the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine and the indiscriminate nature of this conflict.

Through collaboration with neighbouring businesses we gave donations to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine through our former office management partner, Number 33.

We have also took the opportunity to review our suppliers and at the time it became apparent that our primary marketing platform, SEMrush had significant operations in Russia. 100% of SEMrush’s founders were Russian nationals, and two thirds of their staff and operations were based within Russia. 

SEMrush’s origin and operations were being highlighted on social media on a daily basis and although they may not support the Russian invasion, we as an agency cannot support companies owned or with large operations in Russia.

We will always try to do the right thing at Aspire Digital Marketing and upon reflection, we have taken the business decision to immediately end our partnership with SEMrush. This decision was not only based on our morals but our desire to represent our clients in the best possible way.

As a result, we migrated our SEO operations to a like-for-like platform, Ahrefs. We already had processes in place to ensure no reporting data was lost while we moved to the new platform.

We were confident that our SEO clients would support this decision, and since the migration was completed we have been able to improve our SEO services further by achieving valuable results for our clients faster than ever before.

The migration to Ahrefs has also enabled us to grow our website maintenance, security, and support services. The data that we gain from page analysis allows us to work on our maintenance clients’ sites improving SEO and site performance every month. The result of this is higher rankings on the search engine results pages which yields more traffic to our clients’ websites. 

Last Updated: 31/01/24


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