Getting Started

Website Design Projects

We cannot wait to get started on your web design project. Before we do, there’s some information that we would like to get over to you and some things that we require from you as well. Please read the information below to get an overview of the next steps.

what we need from you

Your Logo

Please provide your logo(s) in PDF, EPS or high resolution JPEG or PNG format if possible. If you have multiple formats, please send them all.

Hosting Credentials

Your hosting account login and/or Cpanel username and password.

WordPress Details

Please set us up as an admin on your current WordPress website. (If you already have one).


Send us any current or new media such as photos, images, and vidoes that you'd liek to use on your new website.


We also require any page content and information for the new site.

Brand Guidelines

Brand style guide, colors or any specific design requirements

These items should be sent to us via uploading them to your Basecamp project, or via sharing them in your DropBox folder.

Tools we use

Basecamp Icon


Basecamp is our project management tool which allows for seamless communication with our clients.

We’ll be using this to send messages, share files and track progress during the process. This will help alleviate content and images being lost in long email threads. (Don’t worry you can still use your email. The messages will post directly to basecamp!)

Once your project is underway, you’ll receive an email to set up your basecamp profile and we’ll be off and running!


Dropbox is a great online image/file sharing platform. This isn’t necessary for every project, but if you have more than 15-20 images for your website or if they’re too big to send through email or post on basecamp, we can use dropbox.

We can also use this to share important logins and credentials instead of sending through email. I will set up a folder for the project and will share the folder with you via email. You can upload all images and files there.

The Design Process

Web design projects, no matter how complex, are an extensive process that can be overwhelming for clients. To better help you understand what to expect during the project, we’ve outlined our process into three steps:

Layout & Design

The design and layout of your website is a large and time consuming stage of the project. We will create a sitemap of your new website for approval before designing the home page and some other key pages to give you an idea of what the finished site will look like.


Once you have approved the layout and design of the website, we move onto completing the rest of the pages and adding all functionality and plugins. We will ensure your site works seamlessly across all devices before moving onto the edit and revision stage.

Edits & Revision

Once the site is ready for final review, you’ll be able to review each page and we can make detailed edits until the site is revised completely. We ask that you please review ALL pages to make sure all spelling, grammar, addresses and information are correct before going live.

Going Live

Once your site is completed and tested it is ready to go live. We will remove all unnecessary plugins, pages, images and backend files to ensure your site runs smoothly. during the going live process, your site may take up to 24-28 hours to start appearing on some devices. Some devices will require a refresh for the new site to appear, however most will update immediately. 

We will send your website logins and credentials to you via Basecamp or email to ensure the security of your passwords. your logins will be recoverable by Aspire should you lose them, but we would recommend saving them for future reference. 

On completion, we will provide some next steps information on how to use and look after your website, along with details about our popular website maintenance packages which we highly recommend for clients. 

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!