White Label - Vintage Dresses

We achieved a Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of over 13 on this paid media project.

Facebook Ads for Fashion. Vintage Dress Project. Meta Ads


Paid Media, Facebook Ads, Meta Ads


Static Ads, Video Ads, Social Media Ads, Fashion, Vintage Clothing

The Client & Project Brief

We were invited to work on this project for a vintage dress brand on a white-label basis. The clothing brand had limited success using Facebook Ads. they had noticed high cart abandonment and they needed to increase sales.

This client manufactures and sells vintage and retro dresses to the UK market. Their ideal client is 30-60 year old females with a moderate disposable income. 

Facebook Ads. Meta Ads. Vintage Dress Project

The Results

On this project, we had to work with a modest budget. This meant we had to carefully test creatives, audiences and offers to ensure little to no budget wastage. 

We were quickly able to implement and optimise several adverts which performed well against the client’s audience. These initial adverts went on to achieve a ROAS of 13 and 18, and they became integral to the success of the campaign. We added cart abandonment retarget adverts to boost performance and achieve a average return on advertising spend of almost 14 times the budget. 

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